Classrooms & Schools

Acoustic applications in schools and classrooms

Classroom therapy

The classroom should be an environment that encourages listening, not an environment that hinders understanding.

Acoustics in the school

Footsteps, HVAC noise, brief external noises, jokes in the playground, students talking, paper rustling and other environmental sounds compete with the voices of teachers in the classroom. Due to this excessive noise and reverberation, students in the classroom today cannot hear 25% to 30% of what the teacher says. This is equivalent to missing every four words!

Eliminating echo, reverberation, external noise interference and internal vibration will improve the classroom experience and help create a better learning environment.

A good start to reduce classroom noise is to control noise on the walls of the room.


Acoustic products used in school


The sound insulation board works well in the classroom environment. They require a small amount of walls to achieve a positive acoustic effect, and can be manufactured in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Vinco Acoustic Panels provide stickable surfaces and are suitable for all types of classroom environments. They can double as bulletin boards and do not take up valuable wall space for displaying artworks, maps, and other classroom information.

Acoustic ceilings are suitable for standard ceiling grid systems and are an easy way to improve the acoustic quality of a room without using wall space.

Music and band room

The acoustics of the band and chorus are usually very poor. Therefore, it may be difficult for students to hear each other's voices and follow the score. Applying sound insulation panels, partitions or foam sound insulation panels to the walls or ceiling of the school music room will help improve the quality and tone of the music.

School gymnasium and auditorium

Sound insulation panels and sound insulation panels are also suitable for school gymnasiums, auditoriums, swimming pools and cafeterias. Apps installed on the ceiling or wall will be safe around flying basketballs and other activities.