Movie Theaters

Movie theater Acoustics

Acoustic problems in theaters

Custom theaters usually have two acoustic problems. The first problem is to reduce the transmission of sound to adjacent rooms. This problem can usually be solved by using sound insulation or isolation materials (such as silent glue or green glue) between the dry walls.
The second problem is to improve the sound quality in the theater room itself. Ideally, every seat in the theater should have a clear, high-quality, and fully understandable sound.
The sound absorption treatment of the entire room will minimize the acoustic distortion of the room and help produce a pleasing, flawless sound.


Acoustic products used in theaters

The acoustic panel can help control early reflections, flutter echo and room reverberation. It is not necessary to cover every surface with sound-absorbing panels, but starting from the first reflection point is a good starting point.

Low-frequency sound or bass has a longer wavelength, which is easy to "pile up" in some areas and cancel itself out in other areas. This creates uneven bass from seat to seat. Corner Traps, Acoustic Foam Corner Bass Traps and our 4" Bass Traps will help stabilize the low frequency distortion caused by these standing waves.

In order to obtain a unique appearance, our art sound-absorbing panels can print any images, movie posters or photos on high-quality graphic materials. Use your favorite movie scenes or abstract art to be creative.