Don’t use sound-absorbing panels as sound-proof panels

Many people mistakenly believe that sound-absorbing panels are sound-insulating panels; some people even mistake the concept of sound-absorbing panels, thinking that sound-absorbing panels can absorb indoor noise. I have actually encountered some customers who bought sound-absorbing panels and installed them in the computer room, but no matter how we explained that it didn’t work, he insisted on using them, and we had no choice. In fact, any object has the effect of sound insulation, even a piece of paper also has the effect of sound insulation, but it is only the decibel level of sound insulation.

Acoustic panels

Pasting or hanging of general sound-absorbing materials on the surface of walls and floors will increase the sound transmission loss of high-frequency noise, but the overall sound insulation effect – weighted sound insulation or sound transmission level will not be greatly improved by this Or there is only an improvement of 1-2dB. Laying carpet on the floor will obviously improve the floor impact sound insulation level, but it still cannot improve the airborne sound insulation performance of the floor very well. On the other hand, in the “acoustic room” or “noise-polluted” room, if sound-absorbing materials are added, the noise level of the room is reduced due to the shortening of the reverberation time, and generally, the sound absorption of the room increases Double the noise level can be reduced by 3dB, but too much sound-absorbing material will make the room appear depressing and dead. A large number of on-site inspections and laboratory work have proved that adding sound-absorbing materials to improve the sound insulation effect of houses is not a very effective way.

Post time: Dec-12-2022