How to reduce noise from a house close to the road?

Many people do not recommend buying a house close to the road, because the noise is relatively large, how can the house close to the road eliminate the noise? Let’s find out together.

1. How to eliminate noise from houses close to the road

Cloth can be used for sound insulation. Many fabrics can absorb noise. Therefore, a thicker curtain cloth can be installed on the wall near the road, which can effectively block the noise from outside traffic. In addition to curtain fabrics, furniture can also be matched with some fabric decorations, such as tablecloths on the dining table, cloth covers on the sofa, etc., which can effectively eliminate noise, and even lay carpets on the ground. You can use wooden boards for sound insulation, and the sound insulation effect of wood is also possible. Installing a full wall of clapboards on the wall near the road can block noise very well. If the bedroom is close to the road, you can also place the wardrobe on this wall. side, with better sound insulation. In addition, the ceiling can also be made of wood materials such as sauna boards, and the same floor is made of solid wood, which has better sound insulation.
Second, what are the indoor sound insulation measures


1. Wall sound insulation

Taking sound insulation measures on the wall can effectively reduce external noise. As mentioned above, you can install wooden siding, curtain cloth, etc. on the wall to sound insulation. We can also paste suede wallpaper, sound-absorbing panels or soft bags on the wall, all of which have sound insulation effects. If the wall is smooth, the sound insulation effect will not be good, so it can also be soundproof if it is roughened.
2. Sound insulation of doors and windows

Soundproof windows and doors can also effectively block outdoor noise, especially if the windows face directly to the outside world, and sound insulation is particularly important. You can choose to make double-layer windows or insulating glass windows. The gap affects the sound insulation effect. At the same time, the door can be made of wood, which has better sound insulation effect.

Post time: Jun-29-2022