Matters needing attention in the design and construction of soundproof room!

Soundproof rooms are generally used in industrial production industries, such as sound insulation and noise reduction of generator sets, high-speed punching machines and other machinery and equipment, or to create a quiet and clean natural environment for some instruments and meters, and can also be used in laboratories to test some technical professional equipment. use.

1. The interface between the sound insulation materials and the interface between the sound insulation material and the roof and concrete floor can be used with engineering building sealants. The sound insulation of the suspended ceiling is the same as that of the wall. When sound-proofing the road surface, first clean the road surface, level the road surface, lay a layer of sound-proof, noise-reduction and vibration-damping pads, lay a layer of sound-proof blanket, and lay a layer of 4 cm concrete.

Soundproof room
2. Which aspects should be considered in the construction design plan of the soundproof room project: the main project is an anti-seismic structure, and the integrated design of the control module is selected, which can be moved and disassembled to facilitate maintenance and inspection; fire safety, high temperature resistance, waterproof, durable Durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor; can meet the requirements of natural ventilation, heat removal, lighting, etc.; use high-index sound insulation materials, sound absorbing materials and pillow vibration damping architectural coatings to make reasonable sound absorption, sound insulation, and improve the actual effect of sound insulation; Mechanical equipment basically carry out vibration reduction solutions;
3. Install sound-proof and sound-proof windows, which can be modified to view windows, exhaust fans, mufflers, etc.; and set up safety guarantee measures and alarm system equipment to ensure the safety of operators. and regulations.

Post time: Sep-14-2022