The idea of ​​acoustic design?

The concept of acoustic decoration is an extension of the concept and practice of general interior design and interior decoration. It means that in the interior design scheme, the interior acoustic design and noise control technology of the space are integrated together, and the style, elements and materials of interior decoration are integrated. They must have acoustic functions at the same time; and the acoustic design (sound quality design, noise control scheme design) also considers that the various acoustic measures adopted are consistent with the interior design, and the two cooperate and integrate with each other; avoid pure acoustics The scheme design cannot be integrated and recognized by the interior design and becomes a mere formality, and is ignored or cannot be implemented in the actual construction although there is an interior acoustic design scheme.

Acoustic Concept


Why promote the idea of ​​acoustic decoration? Due to the particularity of the architectural acoustics profession, its importance is often ignored by interior designers, even Party A and the owner in the actual construction process; They are commissioned separately, and the two majors rarely communicate. As a result, although there is an acoustic design, the content and scheme are not accepted by the interior design or the two lack the necessary cooperation and become a mere formality, and the acoustics are not used in the actual construction. the role of the program. Why emphasize the service concept of integrated design of acoustics and decoration? Architectural acoustics is a highly specialized subject, not only the theoretical knowledge is boring and obscure, but also the grasp of the actual effect of the project often relies on practical experience to a large extent. Therefore, the content of acoustic design must be integrated into the interior design scheme. It is even reflected in the construction drawings to ensure that it is truly implemented in the process of engineering construction and decoration construction. The realization of acoustic effects is often a complex adjustment process, so interior designers and acoustic engineers are required to cooperate, not only to participate in the design of the scheme, but also to supervise the construction process, and to conduct acoustic measurements when necessary to adjust the corresponding technology Program.

Post time: Nov-14-2022