Use the right acoustic materials, the sound will be good!

Acoustic environment experts tell you, “It may be that the acoustic materials are not used correctly. The acoustic treatment is not considered in the decoration of the restaurant, which causes the environment to be noisy, the sound interferes with each other, and the volume of speech involuntarily increases. Use good acoustic materials to make our restaurant environment. The same elegance, the same style.”
Acoustic materials (mainly refers to sound-absorbing materials) involve all aspects of life. In the United States, only 1% of acoustic materials are used in the field of music recording, and more are used in the construction and decoration of residences, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and gymnasiums. There are three kinds of common acoustic materials in China, but each of them has serious problems.

Acoustic environment

The first is the sponge soft bag. The material is extremely dangerous, and the bloodiest lesson was a fire in a bar in the Brazilian city of Santa Maria. That fire killed more than 200 people and injured hundreds. The wounded crowded all the local hospitals. It can be seen from the live video and pictures that the fire was very large, and the flames shot up several floors, and the fire lasted for several hours before being extinguished. According to reports, this is the deadliest fire in the world in the past few years. According to the investigation, the home band used fireworks to perform in the nightclub in order to create an atmosphere that night. It may be that sparks accidentally hit the soundproof foam wall and quickly spread along the ceiling. The police chief said that the foam material on the ceiling of the nightclub is flammable and can only eliminate echoes and cannot be used as sound insulation materials. “This thing is the soft bag we often talk about now. It is filled with sponge, so it can’t be flame retardant, but support combustion.” In addition to being unsafe, its sound absorption effect is also unstable, because sponge production is the constant stirring of raw materials, Heat and then press to form. In the whole process, there is no uniform standard for temperature and strength, so the density of each batch of sponges is different, and the sound absorption effect is also different.

The second is polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels. This material can be made in various colors, very beautiful and easy to install, but its advantages are limited to this, and it has no effect on the sound.

The third type is wooden sound-absorbing panels. Many companies went abroad to investigate and saw that the wooden sound-absorbing materials used by others were beautiful and effective, so they came back to study and clad wood when decorating. In fact, the sound-absorbing material of the surface layer of wood is at the back, and the sound-absorbing cavity behind it is what really affects the sound. Many domestic imitations and installations often only have wood on the surface, without the cavity behind, and of course, there is no desired sound absorption effect.

Post time: Oct-25-2022