What does architectural acoustic design include?

Indoor acoustics design includes the selection of body shape and volume, the selection and determination of the optimal reverberation time and its frequency characteristics, the combination and arrangement of sound-absorbing materials and the design of appropriate reflective surfaces to reasonably organize near-reflected sound, etc.

Acoustic design should take two aspects into consideration. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the effective sound reflection in the sound propagation path, so that the sound energy can be evenly distributed and diffused in the building space. loudness. On the other hand, various sound-absorbing materials and sound-absorbing structures should be used to control the reverberation time and the specified frequency characteristics, and to prevent echoes and sound energy concentration. Acoustic model tests are carried out during the design phase to predict the effect of the acoustic measures taken.

Architectural acoustics deals with indoor sound quality. On the one hand, it is necessary to understand the influence of the shape of the indoor space and the materials selected on the sound field. The relationship between the acoustic parameters of the indoor sound field and the subjective listening effect should also be considered, that is, the subjective evaluation of sound quality. It can be said that determining the quality of indoor sound quality ultimately depends on the subjective feelings of the listeners. Inconsistency in subjective evaluation is one of the characteristics of this discipline due to the differences in the personal feelings and tastes of the audience; therefore, architectural acoustic measurement as a study. It is also an important content of room acoustics to explore the correlation between acoustic parameters and the subjective perception of the listener, as well as the means of the relationship between the subjective perception of the room acoustic signal and the room sound quality standard.

Post time: Dec-07-2022