What is the difference between sound absorbing sound insulation screen and sound insulation sound insulation screen

A sound barrier inserts a facility between the sound source and the receiver, so that the sound wave propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thereby reducing the impact of noise in a certain area where the receiver is located. Such a facility is called a sound barrier. In the process of sound wave propagation, when it encounters the sound barrier, three phenomena of reflection, transmission and diffraction will occur. The propagation of direct sound is prevented, and the transmitted sound is sufficiently attenuated, while the influence of transmitted sound can be ignored. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of the sound barrier can generally be expressed by the amount of noise reduction, which reflects the above two abilities of the sound barrier to shield sound transmission. A sound barrier is inserted between the sound source and the receiving point, and the barrier is infinitely long. The sound wave can only be diffracted from the top of the barrier, and a sound shadow area is formed behind it, just as the light is blocked by the object to form a shadow. In this sound shadow area, people can feel that the noise is significantly reduced, which is the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier.
According to the application environment of sound barriers, sound barriers are divided into traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, and industrial factory boundary noise barriers. The outdoor sound barrier generally adopts brick or concrete structure, and the indoor sound barrier refers to the structure of steel plate, wood board, PMMA/POLYCARBONATE SHEET plastic plate, gypsum board and foamed aluminum. The 2.5-meter-wide PC board was successfully developed by Wuxi Zhengcheng Enterprise. Greatly improve the light transmission effect and enhance the impact resistance! ! Resistant to weak acids and neutral oils. Valid for 20 years.

The sound barrier is mainly composed of a steel structure column and a sound absorption and sound insulation screen. The column is the main force-bearing component of the sound barrier. It is fixed on the road bumper wall or the embedded steel plate on the side of the track by bolts or welding; sound absorption and sound insulation The board is the main sound insulation and sound absorption component, which is fixed in the H-shaped column groove by high-strength spring clips to form a sound barrier. The design of the sound barrier has fully considered the wind load of elevated highways, urban light rails, subways, the impact safety of traffic vehicles and all-weather open-air corrosion protection. It is beautiful in appearance, exquisite in production, convenient in transportation and installation, low in cost and long in service life, especially suitable for noise-proof use of elevated highways, urban light rails and subways

Post time: Jun-08-2022