What should I do if I jump around at home for fear of making a noise to my neighbors?

Fitness soundproof mat recommended!


Many friends usually do some exercise at home, especially now that there are many fitness teaching courses online, it is really convenient to follow along while watching. But there is a problem, most fitness movements will include some jumping movements. If you do these movements directly on the floor, you may disturb the neighbors downstairs, and then may cause conflicts between the neighbors. In fact, this is simple, it is to prepare a special sound insulation pad for fitness, which can play a good role in sound insulation.
The role of fitness mats
1. Sound insulation
A fitness floor mat with a certain thickness can have a good sound insulation effect, whether it is skipping rope or other sports, it can effectively reduce noise;

2. Shock absorption
During exercise, it is necessary to take protective measures for joints such as knees. The fitness floor mat has a certain rebound and cushioning effect, which will have a better protection effect on the joints;

3. Improve comfort
For friends who often do sit-ups, push-ups, and plank support, the floor mat can play a good buffering role, and will not be hard on the ground.

Post time: Jul-25-2022