Construction principle of soundproof door

Acoustic door panels are everywhere. Whether you live indoors or in a professional vocal venue, sound insulation is required. Special attention should be paid to the decoration process. Whether the sound insulation effect is good or not will affect the use effect of this space, so do not choose sound insulation materials lightly.

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Soundproof door panels are mainly used for sound insulation. Use sound-absorbing material, cold-rolled steel or stainless steel to make door leaves and rubber seals. Soundproof door panels have the following characteristics. Using multi-layer composite materials and special sound insulation structure, it can withstand high temperature and air dynamic load. There are double and sliding doors, viewing windows, reliable sealing and flexible opening. Special soundproof doors are mainly used in various test chambers and exhaust pipes. Provide a complete set of products, including door frames, door leaves, and be responsible for the installation and commissioning of technical specifications. Embedded parts can be installed on civil engineering or individually designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The soundproof door is composed of door frame, leaf, (observation window) and hardware accessories. The difference between the soundproof door and the ordinary door lies in the sound-absorbing material, door gasket and automatic bottom seal of the door leaf. These special designs can effectively prevent the sound wave. spread, obtain good sealing and sound insulation,

Post time: May-18-2022