Movable Partition

  • Movable partition wall, Acoustic partition

    Movable partition wall, Acoustic partition

    Movable partition wall, Acoustic partition used high density mold- proof, fireproof, environmental eco- pine wood as base material, processed by full automatic computer controlled equipment be made to multirole structures product, not only have good sound absorbing effect, but also looks great on visual.

  • Sliding Partition, partition wall soundproofing

    Sliding Partition, partition wall soundproofing

    China suppliers simple style high end office folding furniture movable dividers office folding partition for rooms.
    Operable partitions are used to divide meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and banquet halls etc., it provides convenient and effective space management solutions, the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails, its has been extensively applied to hotel industry.

    Vinco offers products and service with the end user in mind. We build in features that provide benefits to the owner over the life of the partition. Features such as protective edge trim will keep your partitions looking good for many years to come.

    The movable partitions consist of a series of interlocking flat panels and the fast set retractable top and bottom seals provide the easiest in-field operation, a simple half-turn of the waist high removable handle extends or retracts the sound seals.

    The quick set retractable seals save the owner a great deal of time during setup and take down Time means money, especially for clients that rent their facilities for meetings and other functions.

    Vinco provides panel finishes such as melamine, fabric, leather, wood veneer, high- pressure laminate or other custom surfaces, panels also be supplied unfinished(raw mdf or plywood) for field decoration to compliment the building environment.

  • Foldable partition, partition wall movable

    Foldable partition, partition wall movable

    As a leading factory for partition wall, we have several kinds of partition walls including economic partition, standard partition, deluxe partition, super high partition. All of these partition walls are available with doors.

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality partition wall with door and services for our valued customers. In order to achieve our goal, we always focus on the quality of the product rather than its quantity. This policy helps us to attract and maintain customer relations. All of our room partition with doors is in strict compliance with national and international quality standards.

    We are one of the best room partition with door manufacturers on the market because we offer high quality products at an affordable price. In order to provide customers with commendable results, we will carefully inspect products.

    Our counseling service is free to use, it does not require a penny to talk to us. Another advantage of our acoustic partition wall with door is that they have different sizes and colors. It just means that you will never be forced to compromise with your internal beauty of the workplace.

    In accordance with our planned aluminum partition wall quality policy, we provide our customers with complete product satisfaction. Our company has developed a number of quality objectives to ensure the smooth operation of the product.

  • Office Sliding Sound proof partition walls

    Office Sliding Sound proof partition walls

    The Sound proof partition walls series is the most popular specification range of fully operational single-panel sliding partition systems. The noise reduction of up to 50dB noise is achieved with a combination of operable top and bottom seals, high performance multiple sound absorbing material in partition walls and panel assembly design which allows noise reduction between the frame and the outer layer.

    The vertical channel of each acoustic partition wall panel contains a polymer insert that is acoustic sealed when the panels are placed as a wall. The sound insulation partition walls are available in three thicknesses, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm, depending on the acoustic rating (from 30dB to 50dB).

  • Soundproof partition, soundproofing partition

    Soundproof partition, soundproofing partition

    Our Soundproof partition,soundproofing partition include a series of movable partition,glass movable partition,glass fixed partition, wall panels and bathroom partitions.
    The companyworkshop is11, 000 square meters and can occupy several workstations functioning at once. We have 300 employees and 10 Research and Design personnel currently working for the company.
    Our products are exported overseas to countries such as, NorthAmerica, Europe, Africa, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asia.

  • Folding partition, folding partition wall

    Folding partition, folding partition wall

    The Folding partition, folding partition wall has brought great change to people’s work and daily life. It can divide the large space into several individual rooms which can meet your specific need. The activity partition is usually used in high- end hotels or restaurants. when holding some kinds of activities by different guests, such as holding wedding ceremony, victory banquet and some other big parties, we can fold the partitions, while at other time we can unfold them. The whole process is quite easy and convenient.