Hotel&Restaurant Acoustics

"Energetic hustle and bustle" is a positive description of the restaurant. "Noisy" restaurants are another matter. If your customers are difficult to hear during a conversation, or your waiter needs to yell at the kitchen staff, you need to deal with noise control.



Acoustic problems in restaurants

The following socio-acoustic factors are important:

The ambient or background loudness around each customer group

Privacy of conversations between adjacent customer groups

Clarity of dialogue within each customer group

Basically, customers should be able to talk quietly without interference from adjacent tables. Every table needs to have a sense of privacy.

Sound reflected from hard tables, untreated floors, exposed walls, and ceilings can produce excessive reverberation or noise. Acoustic sound control processing will help rebuild dialogue clarity and customer privacy.

Acoustic products used in restaurants

Acoustic panels will help reduce reverberation in all types of places. They can be installed in hidden areas, such as ceilings, so as not to interfere with existing designs. Alternatively, various panel sizes and fabric colors can be used to install the panels in a collage or pattern on the wall.

Artistic sound-absorbing panels printed with various images or photos can integrate and enhance existing themes.

Other options include acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling, 4" acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling or soundproof coffee bag panels, which provide a unique look and can be added to any cafe for free.