Industrial Building

Acoustic problems in industrial buildings

What are the challenges for sound insulation in industrial buildings and workshops?

Sound insulation in industrial buildings, factories and workshops has two objectives: to reduce noise for employees in the factory – also with regard to the applicable noise protection directive and workshop directives – and soundproofing for the outside. This should prevent noise becoming a disturbing factor for neighbours and residents.
Many noise sources and long reverberation times

Soundproofing for large factories and workshops is challenging because mostly there are several noisy machines, tools or vehicles in them at the same time. Overall these devices and plant generate noise and force up the sound level uncomfortably. But it is not only the numerous sound sources in factories or workshops that influence the selection of the right sound insulation elements, but also the structural features of the building. Sound-reflecting surfaces, e.g. concrete, stone or metal, along with high ceilings and wide rooms, cause strong reverberation and long reverberation times.



What are the possibilities for sound insulation in industrial buildings, factories and workshops?

There are several possibilities for sound insulation in factories. Noise can be dampened, for example, by using sound insulation on individual machines and devices. Machine enclosures or sound insulation elements are frequently used here for soundproofing machine production and plant construction. You can find more information in our category „Machineryconstruction“.
The second option for soundproofing in factories or workshops is the large-scale use of broadband absorbers on walls and/or ceilings. Different system solutions can also be used here.

Acoustic baffles / baffle ceilings / acoustic curtain in factories and workshops

Acoustic baffles are hanging acoustic elements made from high-performance acoustic foam, which are hung from the factory ceiling. The open-pore sound absorbers can either be hung from the entire factory ceiling or in positions above areas where the noise is particularly loud. Installation using cable systems is particularly function and cheap.