Living environment

The acoustic application of the Living environment

So you’ve got your living environment all set up and your ready to start making some magic. You pour all your time and effort into the best mix you’ve ever done, take it over to a friend to show them and suddenly it doesn’t sound so great. This typically baffles most people and they assume it’s got something to do with the noise being unmastered. Unfortunately, it’s most commonly down to bad (or a lack of) acoustic room treatment. However, this article aims to help you understand and decide on the best and most appropriate treatments for your space.

Understanding your Space
The first and most crucial decision you’ll need to make is deciding what your aim is for your space. If you’re trying to create a comfortable living environment space, you’re going to need to worry about acoustic room treatment far less as you’ll only need to deal with any unpleasant frequency build-ups or strange reflections. However, if you’re trying to create a control room intended for mixing or mastering, there is going to be a whole lot more to think about. For the sake of this article, I will talk about acoustic room treatment for a mixing space. This will provide the most detail.


Acoustic products used in the living environment

A common solution to help prevent sound from leaving the room is to work inside the wall. Using Quiet Glue Pro or Green Glue sound insulation compound between drywall layers is an inexpensive and simple method that can greatly reduce noise transmission. The application rate for these products is 2 tubes per 4x8 drywall.

In order to improve the sound in the room, obtain clearer recordings and increase intelligibility, acoustic applications should be applied to walls and/or ceilings. The use of acoustic panels on walls or as ceiling applications will absorb echoes and reduce reverberation in the room.

Acoustic ceilings are suitable for standard ceiling grid systems and are an easy way to improve the acoustic quality of a room without using wall space.

For children and family-friendly centers, our artistic acoustic panels can use any image, photo or design to help create a warm, non-threatening environment. Or, just add a range of colors from our unique fabrics.