Principles and Solutions of Pipeline Noise

The noise source emits noise and reaches the recipient or the room of use through a certain propagation path. Therefore, the most effective method of noise control is to control the sound power of the noise source as much as possible. Sound insulation and silencing measures are taken on the propagation path, and the influence of noise can also be controlled.
For different noises, the control methods are also different. For home improvement pipes, such as the water pipe in the bathroom, the drainage pipe outside the wall of the room, etc., the noise caused by running water is often unbearable.
Pipe noises such as air-conditioning and ventilation systems, the noise of fans will be transmitted to the room along the air duct, the control of airflow noise is generally achieved by adding a muffler to the pipe.
At the same time, pipe sound insulation can be added with sound insulation materials to achieve the effect of sound insulation.
Some ordinary sound insulation materials on the market have extremely limited strength. Relying on increasing the thickness of the material or matching other materials to improve the sound insulation performance, it is inconvenient to construct, and it is difficult to bend and use on the pipeline. It cannot be well wrapped in the curved pipeline to achieve sound insulation. Effect.
Selecting high-quality materials for effective sound insulation treatment is the most effective solution in noise control engineering.


What kind of sound insulation effect of pipe sound insulation material is good?

It can be used together with sound insulation felt and sound insulation cotton to achieve the best sound insulation effect.

Pipeline sound insulation specific process

Generally, the sewer pipes are made of PVC. When the water flows through the pipe wall, it will vibrate and generate noise. According to the construction experience of the past few years, I suggest that you first reduce the vibration and then make the sound insulation, which will have a better effect. Practice has proved that the effect of almost inaudible noise can be achieved after finishing! 1. Carry out shock absorption treatment to reduce the vibration of the pipe wall. Coat one side of the sound insulation felt with the glue of the brand of Brother Hao and wrap it around the pipe, and lap the joints as the first layer. 2. Wrap a layer of sound-proof cotton outside the sound-proof felt, wrap it tightly, and then wrap the second layer of sound-proof felt to prevent noise from being conducted through the gap. (Generally, the thicker the sound insulation cotton, the better the sound insulation effect) 3. Wrap a layer of pipe film outside the sound insulation cotton, one for beauty, and the other is to prevent the insulation cotton from loosening for a long time.