What are the benefits of installing a sound insulation door?

1. Noise reduction and cooling
The two most notable features of soundproof doors are noise reduction and heat reduction. The soundproof door has the effect of reducing sound wave resonance, can block the transmission of sound, and reduce the noise to below 35-38 decibels. Much lower thermal conductivity than older aluminum alloys
material, effectively reducing heat conduction through the door.
2. Protect the environment
Soundproof doors reduce noise pollution and protect the environment. It can also reduce energy consumption and environmental radiation through the application of thermal insulation system.
3. Prevent condensation
The soundproof door has the feature of preventing condensation. Many people don’t know this feature. The soundproof door has its own heat insulation strip. When its surface temperature is very close to the room temperature. It can reduce 1/3 heat in winter, and air conditioning in summer can reduce more energy loss.
4. Good sealing
The isolation door has a very good sealing performance, which can keep the dirty air out, so that dust and sand cannot enter the room, even fine dust and sandstorms cannot enter the room. Create a good environment, let the indoor air reach the fresh air level of the natural forest. At the same time, the cleaning time is reduced, so that you have more time to rest, Qiao Jingfan said, to restore physical strength.

Post time: Feb-14-2023