What are the design principles of soundproof room that need to be paid attention to?

What are the design principles of soundproof room that need to be paid attention to?

Today, Weike Sound insulation introduces the design principles of sound insulation rooms that need to be paid attention to? Our company specializes in the design and production of sound insulation and noise reduction products such as sound insulation rooms, high-speed punch sound insulation rooms, assembly line sound insulation rooms, test sound insulation boxes, and silent rooms.

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The soundproof room must be persistent in the design plan: the wall of the soundproof cover should have sufficient sound insulation to cut off the spread of gas sound, and also reduce the reverberation in the cover and avoid the transmission of solid sound.
Minimize punching in the inner wall of the hood. For the gap between the essential perforation and the junction of the prefabricated components of the cover wall, sealing measures should be adopted to reduce sound leakage.
Because the heat exhaust of the mechanical equipment at the sound source in the hood is likely to cause the temperature in the hood to rise, appropriate natural ventilation and heat exhaust measures should be adopted for this matter. It is necessary to take into account the actual operation and convenient maintenance of the mechanical equipment at the sound source. When possible, take effective countermeasures, such as setting access, windows, manholes, back covers for theme activities, or removable and assembleable covers.

Standard requirements for testing noise reduction and noise reduction capabilities of soundproof rooms

Soundproof room
The basic principle of the effect of the soundproof room is to enclose the noise source in a small indoor space to reduce the noise of the radiation source open to the outside world. Therefore, the overall structure of the soundproof room must be designed according to the structure of the equipment at the sound source, and there is no particularly fixed appearance design or structure.
1. Before designing the soundproof room, it is necessary to analyze the noise source of the refrigeration compressor generator set, and for the soundproof room structure that has known the frequency band characteristics of the design scheme;

2. When designing the soundproof room, it is necessary to estimate the sound insulation characteristics of each prefabricated component to ensure that the singing characteristics of the prefabricated components meet the requirements of the index value, and carry out improvement measures for the missing part;

3. During the production and processing of sound insulation prefabricated components, it is necessary to improve the production process and improve the processing accuracy;

4. When the soundproof room is assembled, the airtightness between the prefabricated components should be improved to reduce the occurrence of sound leakage.

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