What are the reasons that affect the sound insulation effect of sound-absorbing panels? There are four

The position of sound-absorbing panels is becoming more and more important in today’s society, but even if a lot of sound-absorbing materials are installed in some places, the local acoustic environment still cannot be effectively improved. What are the reasons that affect the sound-absorbing effect of sound-absorbing panels?

1. Influence of indoor sound source conditions on sound absorption and noise reduction. If there are multiple sound sources scattered in the room, the direct sound everywhere in the room is very strong, and the sound absorption effect is relatively poor. Although the amount of decrease is limited, the reverberation sound is reduced, and the indoor staff subjectively eliminates the sense of confusion that the noise comes from all over the world, and the response is good.

2. The spectral characteristics of sound-absorbing materials should be compatible with the spectral characteristics of the noise source. The sound-absorbing material should be selected according to the spectral characteristics of the sound source, and the frequency spectrum of the sound-absorbing material should match the spectral characteristics of the noise source. For high-frequency noise, use high-frequency sound-absorbing materials, and low-frequency noise with low-frequency sound-absorbing materials.

3. The effect of sound absorption and noise reduction is related to the shape, scale and sound absorption orientation of the room. If the room volume is large, people’s activity area is close to the sound source, the direct sound is dominant, and the sound absorption effect is poor at this moment. In a room with a small volume, the sound is reflected on the ceiling and walls for many times and then mixed with the direct sound.

4. Consideration of construction and use. When used in construction, the sound-absorbing properties of sound-absorbing materials and sound-absorbing structures should be stable.


Post time: Jan-14-2022