Office Environments

Acoustics in the office environment

Whether in an office environment or an industrial environment, noise is a common problem in any workplace.



Acoustic problems in the office environment

Colleagues who are talking, phone ringing, elevator sounds, and computer noise can all cause interference, disrupt communications, and disrupt daily work processes.

In an industrial environment, loud machine noise can cause hearing loss and interfere with communication in the production workshop.

Excessive noise in the workplace should be reduced to prevent the destructive and harmful effects that noise may cause. Simple acoustic treatment of rooms, office floors, or industrial environments can help.

Acoustic products used in the office environment

Although different solutions are suitable for different environments, there are many ways to reduce noise and improve acoustics.

First, just add sound insulation panels to the walls of an open office plan or call center to absorb unwanted noise to help achieve a comfortable sound level.

Adding artistic sound-absorbing panels to the office environment can provide noise control and beautiful appearance for any environment. For example, the combination of artistic soundproofing panels and soundproofing coffee bag panels adds an authentic and creative atmosphere to this workplace lounge.

Acoustic ceilings are suitable for standard ceiling grid systems and are an easy way to improve the acoustic quality of a room without using wall space.

For industrial environments, the simple application of 2" or 4" acoustic foam panels in HVAC rooms or factory enclosures can greatly reduce harmful sound levels and help improve speech intelligibility in the production workshop.